Why Social Coders Stream their Code Live


Who are social coders?

Social Coders are programmers who write code for social good. Back in 2013 Geeklist, a San Francisco-based social networking site for developers, sponsored a 48-hr. coding marathon (#hack4good), aiming to help “solve some of the world’s major problems and assisting key charities.” Over 2,000 coders in 21 cities across the planet joined forces to support disaster relief, conservation, energy, climate change, etc. This is what social coders do. Many of them can be found on LiveEdu.tv streaming their code LIVE. But why do they stream their code LIVE? Let’s’ see if we can find out.

Why do they stream their code live?

Igor Kuzmenko, aka, Kuzzmi,  is from the Ukraine, but he currently lives in Switzerland. Igor streams his code live because he wants to show what he can do. In addition, he loves answering questions and helping viewers “overcome difficulties more quickly.” What worries him is when viewers don’t ask questions about what they don’t understand. According to him, “You leave gaps in your knowledge, and somewhere in the world one new bug appears.” So Igor really wants to make the world “bug free!”

You can watch Kuzzmi on LiveEdu as he teaches viewers how to code to make the world bug free:

Katherine, aka Awakenet, is from South Carolina, USA, and is a front end developer. She’s also a code teacher, so naturally, she would want to stream her code live. Or not. According to Katherine she’s an introvert so it’s not natural for her to want to stream her code live. But thanks to LiveEdu, her confidence has grown and so as her self-esteem. Now she promotes LiveEdu and encourages other coders to stream their code live. There is always someone willing to help with her coding problems, she says.

You can watch Awakenet as she teaches coding skills in her beginner class on LiveEdu.tv


So there you have it. Two social coders spill the beans on why they stream their code live. Are you a social coder? Why do you stream your code live? We would love to hear from you, so do share with us in the Comments box below.


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