Where to find a good mobile developer?


In the long process of creating a mobile application, one of the fundamental steps is to find an application developer or a digital agency that will take charge of the realization of your project. If you regularly follow our blog, you already know how to define a good mobile application project. However, an idea, however good it may be, will not guarantee success without a developer able to encode your app, unless it is a basic project. Indeed, there are tools “do it yourself” that use preconceived patterns and that require no knowledge in programming. On the other hand, if your idea is unique, you will have no choice but to hire an application developer to realize your digital project.

There are many search platforms for specialists in all areas. www.velvetech.com is the platform dedicated exclusively to professionals in the development of mobile applications and websites. There are freelancers and digital agencies specializing in application development, ideal for more complex projects. But Velvetech is also a team of experienced managers. They remain at your disposal to advise you on all aspects of mobile applications and to help you in the management of your project. From the design phase to the publication of the application on the blinds and the implementation of the marketing strategy, they are at your side.

For all types of mobile devices and programming languages. They have experts in application development iOS, Android, Windows Phone or even HTML5. Developer of mobile games.  The development of a mobile game is much more complex than that of a mobile application. If your project is a mobile game, you will need to find application developers who can program on Unity or other platforms to create games.

For design and use to combine by creating a unique experience in your application, you need a designer. This expert will advise you on the UX and UI of your project. Expert in mobile marketing.  Publishing a mobile app on blinds is not enough to attract users. A marketing expert will help you get to know your app, increase the number of downloads and, above all, retain users. Mobile application estimator Hire an application developer or rather a digital agency for my project? Creating a mobile application is not just about writing code. Long hours of work must be devoted to its design to make it attractive and user friendly. Do not forget marketing and especially the development of a good business plan to monetize the application.

If it is a simple project, you will not have to hire several professionals to carry it out. In addition to programming, most developers have app design skills. But some more complex applications require native development and therefore at least one developer for each target platform. In the case of games, it is also recommended to find a designer who will take care of the visual aspects. A digital agency will probably better meet the requirements of projects of this type. In addition to one of designers and developers, you will have at your disposal managers who will ensure the complete management of your project. A digital agency can also help you set up a marketing strategy to monetize your app.

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