Sunday Oct 01, 2023

What to Do and What not to do for Your Company LinkedIn Profile!

As the economy is slipping deeper and deeper into the recession, the importance of being present on social media is becoming more. When it comes to professionals or organizations on social media, LinkedIn wins the race. LinkedIn is considered as one of the most preferred social media network for professionals. Having an account on LinkedIn doubles up the chances of getting job offers(I am talking about accounts that look professional). So, if you want a perfect job, you need to have a perfect Professional LinkedIn profile. Apart from job seekers, LinkedIn is also important for companies. They can find deserving candidates by posting job opportunities on LinkedIn. They can even post upcoming meetings, conference and other events. LinkedIn can drive magic for your company if you work smartly on it. At the same time, it can degrade your reputation if you commit mistakes. The article will explain some do’s and don’ts for LinkedIn. So, keep reading to know what you should do and what not.

Let’s start with some do’s.

Create a Professional Profile:

There are over 4 million company pages on LinkedIn. According to the same report, there is more than 57 percent of companies are already created their accounts on LinkedIn. The statistics tell us everything. It clearly indicates the importance of having clear and proper LinkedIn company profile. Make sure to have updated information with a professional looking profile image.

Keep language simple:

Simplicity wins everywhere. Keep the description language as simple as possible. It will not only help others to check-in your profile but also help in getting more responses.

Have a detailed description:

When people are looking into your company’s profile that means they want to know about you. Therefore, update each and every thing about your company so that they can know your real identity. Update a detailed information on what is your business about and why they trust you.

Spell Check again and again:

This is one of the most important things you have to do. Suppose, you create an account that is not only professional but also update it with great content. Everything is great but you commit lots of spelling mistakes. Do you think others are going to like you? A big “No”, it is LinkedIn bro! it is a platform for professionals. They are not going to like such mistakes. They simply avoid you if you are doing such silly mistakes.

Don’t forget to be active in relevant groups:

In Facebook you join communities that you like, similarly there are many groups  in LinkedIn that you can join. Search for relevant groups that are similar to your business niche and join them.

Nurture relationships:

Well, you have joined relevant groups but the game is not over yet. The next part is nurturing relationships. Communicate with others as much you can. Post valuable articles, videos, images and other content in groups to get more attention.

These are some do’s that you really need to follow if you are dreaming of creating an account that drives more professionals and improves social reach globally. Now let’s see some don’ts on LinkedIn.

Don’t connect without research:

Having a great connection is important. In this greed, many people start sending requests to random people and groups even if they are not relevant. This is a wrong practice. Do a research first and connect with people and groups that are relevant. Avoid unnecessary and untrusted connections just to show your connection count.

Avoid posting spammy links:

As I stated earlier, LinkedIn is a platform for professionals not for promoting a business. For promoting a business, there are many other social media networks. So, don’t send business promotional messages to your connections. They will really remove you from their connection list if you do this.

Stop self-promoting:

This is also an unhealthy process. Instead of promoting just yourself, post something that is worthy for everyone.

Remain negative in groups:

When you are approaching to make a comment on any post in any group, avoid overly negative and critical comments. Instead of complaining, come out with a proper solution.

These are some do’s and don’ts on LinkedIn. Hope, you find this article worthy. If you want to add your thoughts, you are most welcomed in the comment box.