What Makes Android A Great Choice in Mobile Gaming?


When most people think about playing a good video game, they immediately start thinking of consoles. While it’s true that consoles deliver some of the best gaming experiences, you should slow down and look at the Android in your pocket. Android smartphones and tablets are great for mobile gaming. Not only can they go anywhere with you, but there are a few hidden benefits that you should also consider.


There are currently over three million apps available on Android, and a good percentage of them are games. While all modern consoles are trying to offer the biggest selection they can with online, digital markets, they simply can’t match what Android offers.

Not only that, but there’s currently no console in the world that matches Android’s download speeds in terms of games. With a 4G connection and clear signal, you can download and install a new game in a minute or less. This allows you to rapidly find and play new games without having to sit and wait.


It’s impossible to say that all of the Android games are great, and there are many terrible ones out there. At the same time, the majority of games made from long-time developers rival console titles. Look at games like Final Fantasy XV. Other wonders include Pokémon Go, Hearthstone, Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Riptide GP.

All of these titles come from different genres, but they share a similar level of quality. Android game developers have many years of experience in designing and coding, so they know how to make a wonderful experience for users. Just because the system is small and the games are often free doesn’t mean they are terrible. The majority of developers know how to craft their games with precision and quality.

Console Titles

While emulating is still in a legally gray area with some saying it’s legal and others saying it’s not, that’s not what will be discussed here. Some major developers, namely Sega, have released their retro console titles on the Google Play Store. For example, did you know that the original Sonic game is available to download for free? There’s also Golden Axe, Altered Beast and The Revenge of Shinobi.

There’s only a few console titles now, but the list is steadily growing. This is showing a trend towards major developers looking at the Android system as a real gaming environment to release their content on.


Android devices come in a huge range of prices, from less than $100 to more than $600 depending on the device. This may seem like a problem to some, but it’s actually a great thing for buyers. You can easily find a device that matches your budget and performance needs. If you don’t mind getting slightly less performance, then you can get one of the budget-friendly devices. If you prize performance above all else, then there are many premium smartphones and tablets to choose from.

This is in contrast to Apple, the other major mobile platform. While iPhones and iPads deliver consistent performance, they are also very expensive. Android allows you to save a good amount of money while still enjoying games. The budget devices might struggle a little here and there, but mid-tier devices rarely have any problems. This allows you to choose what to spend.


There is no other console that offers as many games at such high speeds for such a low price. Android is an amazing choice for on-the-go gaming with a myriad of devices to choose from and many quality titles to download. If you want to play great games, then definitely use an Android device.

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