What Information Does an SEO Audit Provide?


Whether your business already has a website or you’re getting ready to launch one, its design needs to be audited. An audit helps to determine how well a site does or will perform and makes sure that its elements comply with search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices. When an audit is done, the company that manages your website will find out which areas of the design need to be improved.

Analysis of Existing Websites

A SEO audit for existing websites is similar to having a health checkup for your company’s site. It can check the status of your online presence and help find ways to improve it, especially at the website level. It can also check how well your site is optimised.

Ideally, a website’s content and coding needs to be optimised to give you the best opportunities to drive traffic to the site and find new clients. To optimise a site, relevant keywords may be placed in articles, in blog posts, in the captions of images and videos, and in the site’s coding. Long and short-tail keywords can be placed in metatags, titles, and other appropriate places within the code.

The audit can also check to make sure that relevant keywords are being used to drive traffic to your site. If not, then the web management company can find or create better keywords to help increase the number of web visitors and deliver new clients. Although you can run audits yourself with audit tools found on the Internet, it’s better to hire professionals who know exactly how an audit should be done and can implement the changes it suggests to improve how well your company’s website performs.

An analysis will also check the inbound links for your website to make sure that the search traffic is organic and doesn’t use practices which could penalise your site. Broken links can be found and fixed or eliminated, and links that don’t adhere to SEO best practices can be updated so that they do.

Analysis of New Websites

Even sites that haven’t yet been published on the Internet can have SEO audits performed on them. These audits can look at how well the site is designed and recommend ways to improve it. They can also help determine social media and reputation management strategies for your company. While a social media presence is important for businesses of all sizes, an audit can help narrow down exactly how you should use social media to your company’s advantage.

The audit can also give you an idea of how to be competitive within the market so you will be more successful. While it won’t provide you with a map, it can make suggestions that you can follow to attract more attention so you find more clients and become profitable. The analysis can also help determine whether a blog is needed to promote the site and your business.

Just as you go to the doctor on a regular basis, audits need to be performed regularly to make sure that the site is performing at its best.

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