What Features Should You Look for in a Quality Bluetooth GPS Tracker?


GPS trackers have become a popular solution for people that need help tracking items or people. Parents often use trackers to keep track of their kids, while pet owners may use the tracker to find their lost dog or cat. These devices are helpful. However, to gain the full advantages of GPS tracking, you should know which features to look for in a quality tracker.

GPS Trackers with a Compact Design

GPS trackers should be small and discreet. This makes it easier to store the tracker inside clothing or other materials, such as a backpack or pocket. You also want a small device if you plan on attaching the GPS tracker to your pet’s collar.

GPS Trackers with Long Battery Life

As these devices are small, they will likely use a small battery. If you do not want to regularly replace the battery, look for a tracker that provides a long battery life. The best GPS trackers include batteries that can last 12 months or longer.

Perimeter Feature Helps Set Safe Zones

If you plan on purchasing a Bluetooth GPS tracker to monitor your child or pet, you should shop for a GPS device with a perimeter feature. This option allows you to set a perimeter around a defined area.

The perimeter should be adjustable to meet your needs. For example, you can set a small five-meter perimeter when attaching the tracker to your keys to ensure that you do not misplace them in public. However, you may want a slightly larger perimeter for your pet or child.

When the device leaves the boundary of the set perimeter, you can receive a push notification to your phone. You are instantly alerted, allowing you to quickly act to prevent your child or pet from getting lost.

Accurately Locate the Tracker with Real-time Tracking

Another feature to look for in a GPS tracker is real-time tracking. Some devices provide periodic updates. This does not provide an accurate location of the device if the person that you are tracking has moved in the last few minutes.

With real-time tracking, you can instantly view the exact location of the device when the device is within the Bluetooth range. When the device is out of range, it will provide the last known location.

Purchase the Ultimate Bluetooth GPS Tracker

The Blaq Wolf Bluetooth GPS tracker possesses all of the features discussed. You get a compact tracker that you can easily place in a backpack, attach to a pet collar, or slip into a pocket. It includes real-time GPS tracking, emergency SOS, and the perimeter feature.

Finding the right GPS device is not always easy. There are hundreds of products available for you to compare. When shopping for a GPS tracker, you should look for a product that includes a smartphone app so that you can track the device from your phone. Keep these details in mind as you shop for your new GPS tracker.

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