What Aspects to Consider for Lead Scoring?


Several aspects would be essential to consider for Lead Scoring. It would be inclusive of actions leading to interacting with your specific campaign. It would be inclusive of a link, submitting a form, downloading a white paper, or visiting specific pages on to your website. You should rest assured that actions have been deemed indicators of interest along with the lead that might be in the purchasing process. It should be in your best interest to get input from your sales team before creating a lead scoring system. They would be in a superb position to let you know what attributes to having real-world insights that you may not have thought about.

You may be using some form of lead scoring. It could be a relatively simple, warm, hot, or cold system. It would not be wrong to suggest that lead scoring could further rank leads based on particular criteria. When you have a plethora of leads, you should focus on the ones ranking near the top and having the highest score. However, there would be exceptions to it. Lead scoring could assist you in focusing on the leads that have been most likely to convert. However, it may not be a random process.

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