Use These Tips for Saving the Battery of Samsung S5 and Use it to Optimum Level


Users cannot use their smartphones if the battery of their phones does not work at optimum level. Those who use the phone for various purposes and are always on the go need a smartphone with a good battery life. Samsung S5 offers good battery life. Following a few tips provide a good amount of battery backup. These tips enable users to use their Samsung phones without worrying about their battery being drained.

Use Apps and do more

There are many users who use tweaks so they can use their Samsung S5 mobiles to work with a better battery life. They can use these smartphones to their last battery level to take that nice picture of their family, or a selfie in their most stunning looking clothes. A user can use apps on the phone and still have their batteries perform well if they enable features like the battery saving mode.

Features of Samsung S5 that make people buy this phone

  • This smartphone is said to have the longest battery life even when the charge is less.
  • Users have used this phone for 3 full days without having to charge them.
  • Lowering the brightness and turning off the animation can increase the battery life.
  • Users can turn on the auto enable screen tone as it saves power.
  • Any content that appears white in color sucks up the battery life.
  • Not choosing a white background can make the battery perform in better ways.
  • Avoiding live wallpapers can put less-load on the battery and processing.
  • Choose monochromatic screen colors.
  • Choose options that limit the CPU performance for saving battery.
  • Users can turn off the air wake up feature.
  • Smart Stay when turned off can save a few minutes of battery life.
  • Disable internet and wireless services and radio when not in use.
  • Disable automatic updates for apps that do not require it.
  • Turing on an advanced feature called the ultra saving power mode helps save battery.
  • Remove the automatic brightness from screen timeout and set it manually.

Disable a few features

Users can buy best Samsung S5 battery and keep it handy. There are a few more features that can be disabled. Users can disable smart gestures. Turning off the sensors of air swipes and palm browse can increase the battery life of the phone. There could be pop up of many notifications in the background.

Apps installed on the phone could also eat up the CPU resources and drain the battery. While installing apps users can check how it affects the functioning and battery life of their phone and then use it. Any app that causes overheating or slows down the functioning of the phone can be uninstalled.


These tweaks can save the battery life. Additionally, for email notifications, the users can turn off the vibration mode. A phone can pop up various notifications. The vibration mode for the phone can be turned off for all kinds of vibrations as well.


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