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This article is a complete guide for those of you thinking to get a Mac computer. Known for being expensive and super sophisticated computers-Mac produced by Apple Inc., holds the flagship class and display technological brilliance along with the manifold features offering its users with high-end computing experience. If you are also allured with the amazing display, great performance, and user experience of Mac, then buying one for your personal or professional use can win you back the best ROI. For a detailed know-how on the types of Macs and the Mac computer guide explore the given pointers in the subsequent for a clearer understanding—

MacBook Air

Released in March 2015, the 13-inch MacBook Air laptops belong to the affordable range of Apple computers. Previously, the company released some 11-inch laptops in this category but it’s no longer available in the markets. If you are wondering to get an 11-inch laptop from this range, only an Apple Certified Refurbished Store or Amazon can help you with such a piece.

The 13-inch MacBook Air is the ideal for the buyers that mostly travel. If you are always on the go and want something in between the regular-sized laptop and a tablet such as iPad, having this laptop by your side can solve the purpose efficiently. Moreover, from its name “Air”- the lightweight feature of the device can be presumed.

Coming to the technical stuff- the models of MacBook Air have the 8GB of RAM with 1.6GHz dual-core Core i5 processor and the integrated Intel HD Graphics 6000 technology. You can enjoy the 12- hour battery life with both the iTunes movie playback and wireless web.

The price difference among the Mac Air models is because of the storage efficiency. The models worth $1,199 ensure storage of 256GB while the models ranging around $999 offer the flash storage of 128GB.

MacBook Pro

 Another range of sophisticated Apple computers is the Pro- offering both 13-inch and 15-inch high-density display. If you are wondering to shop one of the finest portable computers with great display and computing experience, nothing can beat the MacBook Pro range. With the highest scale resolution on the laptops, it is the OS X that supports the devices. The native resolution of the 15-inch retina display is 2880×1800, while the 13-inch is displayed with the 2560×1600.

The MacBook Pro has an unbeatable speed. Said to be one of the finest and the speediest computers that Apple has ever manufactured in this category. The wireless connectivity supports Bluetooth and WI-FI.

Again the costs of the MacBook Pro laptops vary for the storage spaces. The 13-inch laptops range in between- $1,499 to $1,999. While the 15-inch laptops range from $2,399- $2,799 with the feature of Touch bar. This touch bar is located on the screen that you can touch and control the buttons and change considering the software you are using. The MacBook Pro laptops don’t have a SuperDrive. If you need one, then you have to purchase an external USB optical drive.

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