Trust Cybercraft To Build An Incredible Offshore Development Team!


Need a team of software developers for your next project? Well, have you considered outsourcing? When you don’t want to spend extensively on expansion of your in-house team, outsourcing is a viable choice. CyberCraft can help in getting a competent software development team for your project. Based in Ukraine, CyberCraft specializes in outsourcing and consulting related to IT talent, and they have worked in over a dozen of industries and with clients in different parts of EU.

Knowing your requirements

If you check the website of the company -:, you will realize that CyberCraft follows a strict set of steps for recruiting a team for your project. The first obvious step is about discussing your requirements. Every IT project is unique and requires a team with extensive experience. You need to know what exactly you expect of each team member. Alternatively, you can discuss the project, and CyberCraft can help you determine the outsourcing options.

What can you expect from CyberCraft?

CyberCraft offers consulting and recruitment services and everything in between. Once your goals are clear, the company will shortlist professionals from their access to pool of over 50,000 IT professionals. You will be in charge of approving the final list. After this, the administrative, legal and financial aspects will be managed by the company, and they will do what it takes to simplify the work for your newly acquired team. The employees can start working immediately in the fully-organized office of CyberCraft, and they will offer all the daily support and assistance required. Your work is limited to the productivity aspects, and if you need to take the tough call or expand your team, CyberCraft will help with that, as well. In general, the company needs two months to set up development team of five people.

What about the costs?

CyberCraft has helped clients in saving up to 60% of the expansion costs by effective offshore outsourcing. You can expect complete assistance for management of the team, including payroll. All clients pay a fixed invoice to the company, which includes the salaries and a fee for CyberCraft for their services. The pricing depends on what you need and the kind of contract or arrangement you have with them.

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Check with CyberCraft to know if they can help beyond what’s mentioned on their website, and if required, you can ask for references as well – they have been around for over three decades.

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