Top Tips for Using Online Business Contact Directories


People have relied on printed telephone directories for decades to find contact numbers. Of course, these directories no longer make sense, especially in the world of internet. The latest option for consumers today is an online directory. As the name suggests, these are web-based directories, which can be accessed online. Most sites usually cater to a particular country or region, and you can find almost anything, right from product seller numbers to contacts of your regular gas service provider. Here are some of the other things you need to know.

How to use online directories?

Well, every customer service contact telephone directory is different, both in terms of features and design. You need to find a website that’s easy to use and offers unbiased information. Since they are catering to pan audiences, there are no direct promotions in most cases. Wondering how they make money? Well, besides earning from ads on their website, they might provide what is known as a ‘call forwarding’ service. This feature allows you to call a service directly from their website. Of course, there is a small charge applicable for each minute, but this can be a handy tool/feature, especially if you don’t have the time to find toll-free numbers for every company.

Things to note

Before you choose an online telephone directory, it is important that you take a look at their website. The portal should be easy to use and must offer clear access to the contact numbers. The design and interface are two aspects that eventually determine your experience, and you need something that’s effective and useful for daily needs. Also, if the website has a mobile app, it can be a good addition, especially for people who do everything on handheld devices. Mobile apps are more convenient than websites as you don’t have to open a browser every time.

If you are looking for a reliable telephone directory like Numbershelpline, you must check if the concerned service has a customer care number. Sometimes, you might not find the number you need or may have a query regarding a certain aspect. It makes no sense to email, when you can call and get the information in a minute. It is also advisable to choose an expansive site, which offers information for all industries. You may also want to check their overall features and calling rates in detail, before making the portal a regular choice for your contact queries.


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