Top Reasons Why Android is Currently Better than iOS


A huge shortcoming of iOS is still the lack of the user’s ability to access the file system of the devices. If you want to manage your pictures, videos and music in a separate folder structure, look into the tube. Here, Android offers significantly more possibilities, as it allows the user access to the file system of smartphones and tablets. This allows you to move, delete, copy, or rename files as you like on a PC.

Following are some major reasons why Android is better than iOS today:

No compulsion to the App Store

If you want to use an app on the iPhone, you need to rely on Apple’s App Store. This is still the only source from which iOS users can install new applications. This, of course, brings advantages in security, but disadvantages in the selection. In addition, users are limited to the Apple app offer. Under Android looks very different. This makes it possible to install apps from virtually any source. In addition to the Google Play Store, there are also several alternative app stores, some of which offer better prices or even completely different apps. In addition, apps can also be downloaded directly from websites and installed on the smartphone or tablet. This increases the risk of infecting malware, but at the same time provides much more freedom for the users.

Excellent Google integration

Since Google’s developers are significantly involved in the further development of Android, most of the Internet giant’s services are firmly integrated into the operating system. Popular services like the search engine, language search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Drive are already available as system apps on the operating system and work without hurdles. IOS also offers a variety of system apps ex-works, but these are often accompanied by greater trade-offs. 9apps is one the best Android app that can do a lot with the single app.

No Google constraint

Ever tried to use an iPhone without Apple services? It is impossible. As the example App Store shows, IOS devices without an Apple account cannot be used at all. Android, as described above, is often closely linked to the Google universe, but gives the user the possibility to make a big bow around the search engine provider. Through alternative apps and app stores, almost all the features of the devices can be used without the user having to use a Google account.

Better language search

With Siri, Apple has one of the most famous language assistants in the world on the iPhone at the start. However, Siri is only used effectively by a few iOS users. Many still use Siri mainly to get pre-programmed answers to joking questions. The reason for this is found quickly: Siri still has problems recognizing the language of many users and interpreting it correctly. Here, Android with the built-in Google-language search is currently better.

With Android device, you can download many apps without any more restriction that you probably face with Apple store; you can download any app that you liked. 9apps is one of the best apps that you can download only if you have Android device.

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