Tips When Buying a Used Car


When looking to buy a used car, it is important to consider how much money are you willing to spend repairing the vehicle if it malfunctions. There are considerations that are factored in when deciding to purchase a second-hand car. Understandably, not all users can afford new cars. Used vehicles are quite popular, and this could be because there is a missing a connection between new car dealers and the interested market.

Some buyers find problems with used cars just within months after purchasing them and taking ownership. This indicates that dealers are hiding problems from buyers and that maybe they are negotiating with the wrong people.  Below are some tips you can use next time you want to buy a used car so that your purchase can be effective and transparent.

  1. Check The Car

During shopping for a used car, it is important to go see it during the day and to have someone accompany you so that they can act as a witness or an expert. Check the bodyworks of the car, interiors and always ensure you take the vehicle for a test drive.

  1. Verify The Paperwork

The car dealer should have the cars registration document. Examine the records and ensure they have watermarks. The cars number plates must match the registration number on the papers. The cars identification number should be the same on the papers. Ensure you grill previous garage bills and the cars servicing history. Gaps in maintaining should be cause for alarm.

  1. Check for Vehicle Identity Theft

Cars can be given the identity of other vehicles by replacing number plates with those from almost identical cars. This is referred to as car cloning. As a buyer, you should consider getting the car inspected by a professional. Examining the vehicle is extremely important to check out because if you purchase a cloned car, you will lose both the money you used to buy it and the car.

  1. Check for Clocking

A thousand miles erased from the odometer increases the value of the vehicle significantly. This is illegal and is as good as tampering. Ensure the mileage matches the age and appearance of the car. Carefully study the dashboard, the grille and bumper and the bonnet. Most Mercedes cars average around ten thousand miles a year so check that the mileage matches with the age of the vehicle. It is essential to verify certificates and documents of the car as this is the only valid proof to check that the car has not been clocked.

  1. Know Your Rights

As a buyer, it is essential to know your rights in case something goes wrong with the purchase. If you buy a used car from a dealer, you have entered a legally binding contract. Therefore, the vehicle is expected to be in sound quality and exactly as advertised.  Mercedes Poole used cars offer warranties, and that gives buyers peace of mind. In case the car breaks down after a few days, and you feel that you have been duped, it is your right to get a refund of the money you used to purchase the car.

  1. Double Check Everything

It is extremely important to double check everything before making a final offer. Ask for certificates and receipts denial of which you should be very suspicious about. For a trusted dealer feel free to visit Sandown group for the best deals on Used Mercedes Cars in Poole.

We are not saying that buying a used car is a wrong decision, on the contrary, it has many benefits, but you just need to make your purchase with the right company.

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