Time Management Made Simple: Top Apps and Gadgets to Track Your Tasks


With the typical modern-day combination of work, relationship and family commitments, it’s no surprise that a huge proportion of us feel too busy. Especially in high-powered, busy jobs, the number of tasks expected to be completed each day can seem virtually endless with many people struggling to manage their time effectively. This can lead to significantly decreased productivity and added stress if important tasks are not done when they need to be.

Luckily, the world of technology recognizes this time-management and have created an array of innovative apps and gadgets specifically designed to help the user effectively manage their time both safely and realistically. If you struggle to stay productive and focused with your time, keep reading to discover today’s top technology solutions!

Alarm Clock for Me

Whilst getting the correct amount of sleep and waking up at an optimum time may seem obvious for a productive day’s work, the number of people who struggle to achieve this is somewhat shocking. And this is where Alarm Clock for Me comes in.

This free app is one of the best alarm clock apps around simply because it focuses not only on waking you up in the mornings but also lulling you to sleep in a safe and effective way. Featuring both white noise and relaxing tunes, simply set a specified amount of time and let the app do its thing. You’ll be lulled to sleep without even realizing, ready to get up the next day feeling fresh and energized for the tasks ahead.


Fast becoming one of the most popular work-tracking apps of all time, Slack is a great way to ensure everyone on the job is kept up-to-date at all times. Team tasks are extremely common within the workplace, but are often much more difficult to time-manage than a solo task simply because there are more people involved!

Slack mainly focuses on team conversations, allowing everyone involved to chat together in categorized groups. Better still, all conversations are open for all to see so, if you haven’t contributed to a conversation in a particular category but still want to know what’s going on, you’re still able to view it. Also offering a ‘direct message’ feature allowing you to message just a single person if you need to, Slack is one of the most effective team-focused apps out there.


Ideal for those who have multiple tasks on-the-go, Timeular is an eight-sided device that effectively tracks your time for each individual task you do. Simple assign a task to each side of the device and flip it over each time you change to a new task. This signals the device to begin a fresh time-track for your new task, giving you fully accurate time readings of how long you’re spending on each job.

No one said time management on your own was going to be easy, so why not give yourself a helping hand by using technology to your advantage. From getting up in the mornings to tracking time for every task you do, the above apps provide a range of resources to ensure your time is as productive as possible!

Janet Kennedy is a Mom who uses tech to help her keep on top of her never-ending To Do list. She writes about which apps to use and how to achieve a sense of time management!

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