Things You Can Expect From Basic Website Maintenance Plan


Maintenance of your website is a highly technical and complex job, which must be assigned to a professional company. Many website and business owners don’t understand the overall nature of the job, which is why they end up hiring companies that are not-so-competent. In this post, we will discuss some of the aspects you can expect from a website maintenance plan.

WordPress updates

If your website works on WordPress, it will have a number of common features and plug-ins. In fact, some of the must have plugins for WordPress are found on most websites and blogs created on the platform. The website maintenance plan will include updates for the theme and plug-ins, so that the portal work as functionally and effectively as intended by the web development team.

Daily Backups

Websites contain a significant amount of valuable information and content, and it’s important to get regular backups, depending on the number of updates. Website maintenance typically includes daily backups of the content, so that you can access the same in case the website fails to load or there’s a technical error with the theme.

Regular scans

Thanks to the incredible expertise of hackers, websites face a number of security threats. You may not realize but your website is probably infected with viruses. With regular scans, security concerns can be minimized effectively. Most website maintenance plans will have scans in the list, though you need to discuss and talk about the frequency with the concerned service provider. Ideally, a weekly scan for virus and other security threats is more than enough for regular websites.

Additional security resistance

Since websites are exposed to varied concerns, you need to take some extra steps to avoid possible hacks and leaks. Talk to the website maintenance team, and they can offer a plan that includes this point. Of course, you need to check what the company is offering in the name of security or hack resistance.

Monthly Reports

You can expect regular or monthly work reports from the website maintenance team. Reports include a list of the things that the team has done for your website, and you can compare the same with the scope of work they offered with the estimate. Keep in mind that monthly reports are important; because you want to be sure that the work is done right.

Check online to find website maintenance services, and do seek a quote in advance.

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