The Surprising Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Smartphone


In the past, a certain misconception about Chinese products began to form, causing people to believe that many, if not most, Chinese products are low quality or likely to malfunction. However, the opposite is often the case, particularly in regard to smartphones. Yes, there are absolutely a few smartphones running around that are near carbon copies of popular brands, but this is not the Chinese smartphone in question. The truth is that reputable Chinese brands exist that strive to make technological advancements in the cellular field and offer some functions that today’s most popular brands do not.

The Chinese android phone market was once one of the best-kept secrets for smartphone fans that looked beyond branding. This was where wonderful new devices would appear with the highest specifications for some of the lowest prices, and this is still true to this day. The only thing that has changed is that more people are beginning to take notice of the many benefits they can take advantage of when they choose to buy something other than the biggest brands.

Design and Innovation

It might surprise you to learn that a Chinese smartphone was the first phone to feature a front-facing camera. Take a look at some of the latest smartphones offered by the biggest brands in the market, and you are likely to see only slight design updates from previous models. International phone makers are no longer pushing the envelope, leaving cellular technology to stagnate and become more about having the latest model than enjoying something new and exciting.

However, smartphones such as the Oppo R9 Plus have completely changed the game and continue to do so with each new model release. Amazing new features, sleek and beautiful designs, and the latest hardware all come at the highest quality without any of the unreasonable pricing when you choose this option.

Latest Hardware

Chinese smartphones have routinely gotten ahead of international brands in regard to the latest screen technology, processors, camera features, and more. In fact, the chances that you can find a Chinese smartphone offering next-generation hardware on a device available now are extremely high. International brands are too focused on doing things that make them the most money, while Chinese smartphone brands care more about building new and exciting technologies that forever change the smartphone experience. For example, most modern Chinese smartphones have wireless charging, NFC, gesture controls, and more, and camera technology is better now than even a few months ago.


International brands offer just two or three different options, and they often choose to slightly improve or redesign the same brands over and over again rather than offering new options. However, Chinese smartphones offer true variety, allowing you to customise your choices to your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you primarily do business on your phone or spend more time on games than speaking to real people, you can find a phone that is perfectly designed for you. To make the option even better, even the most advanced choices are dramatically lower in price than any international brand smartphone on the market. The money you save and the innovation you enjoy will make it clear that this was your best choice.

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