The Differences Between A Brand And A Logo


What most people are not aware of is the point that there is a difference between logo and brand, and those are not the same thing. Your website might have a logo, but it may not get the brand to support it. Some people might think that the logo is on everything – right from business cards to flyers and more. For that, it is quite enough for branding a company and they actually don’t work on any other branding deals. Well, this is not the reality. Logo and branding are not the same thing but completely different from one another.  When you are designing a logo, you are practically looking for your business’s online face. But, branding, on the other hand, is a completely different ballgame.

What do you know about logo?

A logo is recognizable easily and known to be the reproducible design comprises of a symbol, name, trademark and specified colors. The service is designed to be a visual and quick representation of the brand’s position and message. A proficiently designed logo can evoke memory or even emotion from viewer, based on the proficient relationship with the brand. On the other hand, you can describe logo to be the tool, which helps in communicating a brand and gladly going to represent the same.

Checking on the brand:

Once you are sure of the logo and worked on it, for the next stop you might want to deal with brand identity builder. But first, you need to know what brand is. That will help you realize the difference it has with logo. A brand is mainly defined as every interaction with and some marketing practices of a design or name, identifying and differentiating a product, business or service from another section. A brand is known to encompass positioning, messaging and communications, target market, visual design, marketing, voice and promotions. It can further encompass presence and experience which any individual might have with business, service or product, in person, online or offline.

A new perspective to work on:

A brand is always the experience which people have when they get in direct contact with your business or with you personally. Let’s just get a new perspective to this thought, which will help you understand the notion of this section of logo and branding. In itself, logo is designed to be a graphic element, which comes with a name on it. Brand, on the other hand, is the communication strategy, which helps in communicating passion and expertise.

The combined magic:

Whenever combined, the well-planned brand strategy and logo can help in efficiently and effectively reach audience. It further helps in communicating message, values, benefits and more. It can often be used to visually attract some more attention from people. Both logo and brand are two completely opposite positions but need to work together for the sake of creating the perfect Markham website design, resulting in proficient growth of your business. For some more details, log online and get the right answers.

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