Social Media Branding In 2019: Things That Matter!


There are 1 billion users on Instagram, and more than 2.20 billion people use Facebook. There are over 330 million users on Twitter. These are staggering numbers, and as a brand, you have to find ways to capture your audience through these platforms. Social media is changing. In fact, data shows that a new styles and trends come up in content and ads every few months. There are many detailed posts on 2019 social media trends, which focus on things 360º content formats, virtual reality, social TV and Social ecommerce. Amidst all of these, how would use these platforms for your branding needs? In this post, we are discussing some of these aspects in detail.

  • Know your audience. Surveys, available online data, and trends should give a fair idea of how your target audience is behaving on social media, and that has always been the best way to connect with them on the right platform and in an engaging format. Your audience has expectations, and if you can tap on that in 2019, expect your brand to grow.
  • Be anything but irregular. Nothing kills the work done on social media more than irregularity. If you have not been planning a content schedule, this should be the year of change. Plan your content, decide what you want to share, and get content ready beforehand. If required, hire a firm that can help with social media branding.
  • Visual representation will still matter. Eventually, you cannot deny the impression that looks create, and that holds true for social media, as well. You want to be sure that you would be using an apt color palette, good images and video contents that will keep the audiences hooked. In 2019, spend more on visual presentation.
  • Follow the trends. You cannot escape what the market says about social media trends. These trends may change, but adapting and using them for the advantage of your company is the best thing you can do. It also has to do with catching the pulse of the end user.
  • Become a people’s brand. A company that just posts unidirectional posts and contents never really gets back from social media investments. You have to consider and become a people’s brand by responding to queries, questions, and negative feedback.

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