Simplified Website Analysis With Smart SEO Auditor!


Website performance is dependent on several factors, including on-page elements, internal links, external links, and even images. Analysing each of these aspects manually can be a time-consuming affair, and while there are free tools available on the web, most of these are not as functional as webmasters would expect. Smart SEO Auditor is a new tool that redefines the process of website analysis. As the developers put it, it is about “website analysis in one click”. Here is our review of Smart SEO Auditor.

How to use Smart SEO Auditor?

Smart SEO Auditor is a free tool that also has a paid version. It must be downloaded and installed on your system, and when that’s done, you can run the app and type the website address that must be checked. Click the “Start crawling” button and the app will start working in the background. What makes Smart SEO Auditor a truly successful tool is the way it analyses each website page. Every page is checked for more than 30 different criteria. From broken links and duplicates to server response codes titles, descriptions, keywords, user friendly URLs, and even links from other sites, it checks everything. To download the app, visit

Who can use the application? How much does it cost?

Smart SEO Auditor is available for free. The freeware version of the application can be used for analysing websites with up to 100 pages, while there is a paid version too that can be used for medium to large websites. The app has been designed for beginners and experts alike, and it is likely to be immensely useful for website owners, SEO experts, and webmasters. The developers of Smart SEO Auditor offer a moneyback guarantee on the paid version for 30 days, which probably sums up the confidence on the tool.

Final thoughts

Evaluating a website on various grounds can be complex and confusing, but with Smart SEO Auditor, we probably have a smarter way to do that. The app works in the background, and the results are presented in a true, readable format, so taking corrective action is easy too. Smart SEO Auditor also works for its simplicity and functionality, and unlike some of the free website analysis tools out there, this one has a sorted interface. We purchased the paid version and found it useful for reviewing even some of the bigger websites.

Smart SEO Auditor deserves a chance – download it now!

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