Screen Mirroring: Getting the Most Out of Sharing Displays


Screen mirroring is a feature for applications which do not support video out and mirrors the display of a device. With this feature, users can play games, update their social media account, browse the internet and do anything on their iOS device using the HDTV as the display.

How it Works

In order to make screen mirroring work, it is important to connect the device to the HDTV. This can be done by using the Digital AV Adapter or Apple TV for wirelessly connecting the device to the TV. Apple TV offers a lot of the features which users might want such as the ability to stream video from sources like Netflix and Hulu. In case users have to use a mobile application and copy the screen to their TV, Apple TV lets them do this without the wires.

Screen Mirroring and AirPlay

Airplay is used by Apple to send video and audio messaging between devices. Users who use Apple TV for copying the screen of their iOS devices to their TV use AirPlay. This feature is built into iOS so users do not need to set it up. With AirPlay Mirroring, users can stream the entire display of their device to an AirPlay video-capable device that includes on-screen applications and controls.

iOS 7 has great AirPlay functionality and it lets users ditch their laptop for presentations, giving application demonstrations and playing videos. Also, those who do not have an AirPlay video-capable device can make use of their computer that has special software to do what an Apple TV can.

Mirroring Displays

Users who use a Digital AV Adapter can expect screen mirroring to take place automatically. They only have to set the source of their TV to the same HDMI input used by the Adapter. The latter accepts a Lightning cable and an HDMI cable. Because of this, there is no problem plugging a device into a power source while connecting it to the TV. Those who use n Apple TV will have to engage AirPlay on their device in order to send their screen to their TV set. Learn more about screen mirroring at

Mirroring to Play Games on TV

A lot of users connect their iOS device to their TV in order to play games on a big screen. The ability to screen mirror displays allows for great board games to allow family members to join in the fun. In fact, this is also a great option to make the most fun and satisfaction out of playing racing games.

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