Quick ways to deactivate ‘Find My iPhone’ on your iPhone!


 ‘Find My iPhone’ is a handy app for iPhone users, which was designed to avoid unwanted thefts and to locate devices when lost. However, if you use an iPhone, there are instances when you may not need this app to be active. For example, when you are selling or giving away the device, you will need to deactivate the app, so that the other person can use it. Unless ‘Find My iPhone’ is disabled completely, the device cannot be restored to factory settings. If you intend to sell the phone anytime soon, it is recommended that you deactivate the app and erase all your data and other contents.

In this post, we will talk about two ways of deactivating ‘Find My iPhone’. You can also check turnofffindmyiphone.com for additional information.

  1. Deactivating from your device

To disable the option, you need to have the right Apple user ID and password. This is the same user ID that was used during the setup procedure. The device must be connected to the internet as you disable. You can check the settings tab on your phone, where you need to select iCloud and then tap the ‘Find My iPhone’ option. Once you use the right Apple ID password, you can disable the option. In case of any confusion, you can check on YouTube to find relevant videos. If you are disabling the app with an intention of selling the device, it is advisable to reset the device to its original factory setting.

In case you cannot disable the option directly as mentioned above, you can use the second option below.

  1. Deactivating remotely in iCloud

If you don’t have access to your device, you can use iCloud to deactivate ‘Find My iPhone’. However, for this process to work, your device must be turned off. You can access iCloud on your laptop using the correct Apple user ID and password. Once you enter, click the option of ‘All Devices” and select the device you want to sell.  Following this step, you will find an “X” mark, which must be selected for your device. After this, you will have two choices – “Remove from Account” and “Erase iPhone”. If you select the latter, you can turn off Find My iPhone app along with Activation Lock. This option is usually chosen when the device has been lost. You can select “Remove Your Account” if you have erased the iPhone already.

Check your device now to know what works for you!


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