Online Database Software Vs. Custom-Designed Database: What’s Better?


As an entrepreneur, you have to consider the advantages of cloud computing for your business. If you have been thinking of taking the database to the cloud, there are two distinct options. The first one is to hire a team of developers, who can design and customize a database for your requirements with the necessary applications. On the other hand, the second choice is to go for one of the flexible online database software solutions, which offer templates that can be used for creating applications that you need for your company. In this post, we take a look at the pros and cons of both.

Pros and cons of custom-designed database

Evident from the name itself, custom-designed database is highly customized. You have a team that’s working on your project and will focus on all the critical aspects that must be addressed. Once the database is up and running, the team may offer extended support, while you have to manage maintenance and relevant things to keep the system running. There is no denying that custom-designed databases have many advantages, even over the standard ERP solutions that have a bunch of features. You get a completely new solution and are paying for the features that the business needs.

On the flip side, custom-designed database is not for every company, especially for the small businesses that don’t have the required budget. Also, the whole process of creating a custom-designed database can take time, and implementation may need more attention.

Pros and cons of online database software

An online database software is designed for quick implementation. Clients get ready templates, and applications and database can be built from scratch. The good thing is you don’t need any knowledge of coding at all, and unlike an ERP solution, here the business doesn’t have to flex to use the features. In fact, it is other way around. As compared to custom databases, online database solutions are much more affordable, and you can expect to get complete assistance from the parent company, both for implementation and training.

In terms of cons, there aren’t many, except that online database software is not as customized, although you can create many applications and projects without a hassle.

Final word

Consider both online database software and custom database before you take the final call, although online database software is likely to be a slightly better option for growing and new businesses.

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