Must-reads for entrepreneurs entering the tech sector


Are you getting ready to launch your tech business idea into a reality? Knowledge is power in business, and in the rapidly evolving sector of technology, staying ahead is critical.

These days start-up entrepreneurs are swamped with a huge choice of self-help books. From how to create the optimum working environment for creative minds, to the world’s next consumer-changing trends, there’s a lot you don’t know yet about entrepreneurship and the tech industry…

  1. The Industries of the Future

This book can help your with figuring out how best to make your next move. A New York Times bestseller, Alec Ross delivers an extensive insight into your industry’s most important advances, from cybersecurity and robotics to genomics and big data, using input from global leaders.

Interestingly, Alec Ross was once a senior advisor for Hilary Clinton — covering innovation. His extensive travel has given him access to the some of the most powerful people in business, and his book is packed with astute observations regarding opportunities for growth and the unknown tech forces that are changing — or will change — the world.

  1. Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

This insightful read is split into three progressive parts. The first section gives you an incredible insight into how start-up companies are today going from ‘initial concept’ to ‘multi-million-pounds status’ quicker than ever, and how tech — like 3D printing and androids — might be influencing this trend.

Keep this to yourself, but this book contains secrets from the likes of Richard Branson — shh! Bold’s finale discusses the various, actionable ways you can build your company, with tips on creating lucrative campaigns designed to rocket your start-up to the top. A must-read for the big dreamer.

  1. How Google Works

A valuable source from one of the most influential companies on the planet. But how did it all start and how has the firm stayed at the top of the game for so long? This book is written by Google executives and experts, Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg? Renowned for its innovation, creativity, and ability to bounce back from errors (remember Wave?), this glimpse into the birth and evolution of Google is a must for anyone who wishes to emulate even a part of its success.

  1. Networking Like a Pro

Would you appreciate a helping hand with your networking skills? Read this book, and you’ll boost your knowledge of overcoming various networking hurdles that could hold you back as your company grows. Learn how to make useful contacts to develop your business and implementing an effective referral marketing campaign; Networking Like a Pro offers tools, templates and a results-measuring system to help you action your networking strategy and make valuable business connections.

Let us know what book you’ll be reading next! This article was brought to you by Where The Trade Buys — correx signs specialists.


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