Know in Hosting Types: Different VPS and Dedicated Servers


In accordance with performance, hosting is divided into many types. For starters, on the whole they use shared hosting type. Shared hosting itself is one of the most economical type of hosting but from the performance of shared hosting does not meet the need for frequent down considering the shared hosting one server is used by many websites.

When there is one website that consumes excessive resources, then it will impact on other websites such as slow loading, cannot be accessed until servers collapsed. In blogging, we are required to have a proper planning and the right decision. Depending on which platform would you choose, if you use self-hosting blogging, then the selection of the right web hosting is one of the most important aspects that should not be ignored. There are several best WordPress hosting free on net. GoDaddy is one such example. You can create your website name and check availability.

 At least, you do not need to work twice because of the beginning of the blog creation you buy hosting only by 1-2 considerations, e.g low prices or because of the lure of unlimited. Along with the rapid growth of online media, many emerging web hosting provider with individual marketing strategies, and you should remain vigilant and more alert before making your choices.

Depending on traffic as well as the content of blogs, shared hosting is considered still not able to meet the needs of the various sides started the blog in speed, stability, up bandwidth. In response to these problems, there arose a number of other hosting packages with a better ability to meet the needs of large websites or blogs highest bidding, such as VPS and Dedicated Server. Differences VPS and Dedicated Servers Virtual Private Server (VPS) is still in the form of shared hosting, but VPS have better performance because the VPS client is given a larger resource.

With virtualization system, there is a separate operating system on web hosting services that we use. In addition, we also possible to install additional software as needed. Meanwhile, virtualization on a VPS is also quite a lot. Some software on VPS are quite popular among them is OpenVZ, XEN, Parallel Virtuozo, and KVM.

Dedicated Sever, also known as a suite of hosting, is a type of non-shared hosting. In the Dedicated Server hosting type, CPU and RAM resources are not shared with other users so that the performance of the website far exceeds websites that use shared hosting or VPS. In accordance with the quality of service, Dedicated Sever rental prices are quite expensive and only website or blogs only major use of this type of hosting one.

Free hosting is only for beginners who want to learn blogging using their own hosting. For the long term, if you want to pursue blogging seriously, then you have to use a paid hosting service. In addition to constrained quota, free hosting services in general are also many restrictions. Also, the paid ones have several professional aspects which are not available in the free one.

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