Keep the Family Safe with a Key Finder


There’s nothing more frustrating than rushing to leave for work in the morning and then noticing that the keys to your vehicle are missing. With time passing by and the threat is already there of being late, this can cause aggravation and be the cause for why the rest of the day ends up terrible. If only there was some way to find those pesky keys wherever they’ve found themselves in the house.

Never Lose Those Keys Again

There’s a perfect way to ensure that those keys never go off the radar again and it’s as simple as placing a Bluetooth tracker onto the keyring. With a Bluetooth tracker, any phone can be set up to find the item it’s attached to within 110 km. Say goodbye to the days of being late to work due to those missing keys.

There comes the question of what if the keys aren’t just missing in the home? What if someone broke in and got a hold of the keys, and they’ve now driven off with the family vehicle? Not only that, but they’ve gone out of the 110 km range, and the phone attached to the tracker is no longer picking the item up. The answer to that is the Blaqwolf Bluetooth Finder. If this is the item attached to those keys, if anyone else in the 110 km radius also has Blaqwolf, a notification will be sent out.

Not Just for Keys

These amazing devices are useful for more than just tracking keys. Pets are important parts to any family, but sometimes they like to wander off. For families with these amazing critters, it can be a scary ordeal when the pet doesn’t come back like usual, or a dog breaks through the electric fence and makes a run for it through the city. With the use of the Bluetooth tracker attached to his or her collar, finding them in their afternoon stroll is easy. No more flyers for lost pets needed.

What about letting the kids out to play, or the teenagers go out shopping by themselves for the first time? The world can be a scary place now-a-days, and if the kids don’t come home at the scheduled time, it causes a lot of stress and worry as to what could have gone wrong. Making sure they have a Bluetooth tracker on them will help find them when they don’t make it home for dinner.

Great for Family Vacations

Going on a family vacation is a joyous time, but not everyone wants to do the same thing. When going somewhere such as the amusement park, everyone wants to go off and ride different rollercoasters or see different attractions. When the family starts to split up to enjoy themselves, make sure each one has a Bluetooth tracker to keep them from getting lost. There’s no reason to shout in a large crowd to find the kids when it’s just as easy to walk to their location.

With these tough, durable key finders, they can last through being dropped or stepped on. They are even waterproof, so if it starts to rain and the device gets wet, it will still be easy to track down the kids. And with the replaceable batteries that can last up to a year, there’s little reason to fear the batteries will die while on a family fun trip.

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