How To Create An Email Signature That Reflects Your Personality


Do you know there are over 2.6 billion email users worldwide, around 205 billion emails are sent everyday and an average office user receives 121 emails per day? (Source). So before you plan to hit send, take a break and look at the last part of your email, yes, I’m talking the email signature. Is your email signature is just a short story of few details about you or you have created a professional email signature that reflects your personality?

Alas! Even though email signatures are very easy to do well, not many professionals give it the importance it deserve. Have you ever thought of your email signature as an opportunity to do your personal branding? In this article I am going to share with you some amazing tips to create an email signature that can reflect your personality:

  1. Add call-to-action(CTA):

Do you write? Add CTA to visit your blog. Have a website? Add CTA to visit your website. Wrote an ebook? Add CTA to download the same. Adding CTA to email signature is an efficient yet neglected process. If you want to get leads from email recipients, make sure to add call-to-actions. Also keep in mind, the best CTA is simple, updated and non-pushy.

  1. Use visuals:

Oh we all know a well designed graphic can change the whole dull text message. But never, I again say, never overdo it. Experts suggest the height of a professional email signature should be no more than 100 pixels. Moreover, if you are using graphics in email signature, make sure the important information is available in text as well as some email clients like Outlook strip out your beautiful graphics by default.

  1. Provide social media icons:

Yeah, Yeah, I know personal and professional lives must be kept secret, but how about giving your recipient another avenue to know you more. Adding social media profile links in email signature does exactly that. But again, overdoing is not acceptable here as well. Select only those 2 to 3 social media networks where you are professionally active. Moreover, icons look better than text and easily locatable too.

  1. Go mobile friendly:

People are migrating to mobile like never before and the same goes with your emails too. Most of the people read emails online, do I need to say, you have to make sure your email signature is mobile responsive. Choose your email signature design keeping mobile friendliness in mind otherwise your email will end up looking unstructured and messy, of course you don’t want that!

  1. Go minimal when it comes to colors:

My favorite color is bright yellow, does that mean I should create my email signature in yellow color? Of course not. It will stick out like a sore thumb. Choose colors wisely when you create email signature. The best way is to not go overboard. Choose simple colors. Going too bright is a bad idea.

  1. Finally, your email signature is not an autobiography, so don’t treat it like one:

Many of the people while putting information in the email signature end up writing an autobiography. Your email signature should not be larger than your email. Stick to essentials. In general your email signature should have:

  • Your name and contact number
  • Your social profile links
  • A simple CTA
  • A professional headshot

So friends, I hope this article helped you out creating a professional signature. Did I miss any important tip? Let me know in the comments below.

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