How do crypto portfolio apps help in several ways?


The crypto market is a volatile financial market. This makes it very important for any crypto investor or trader to have an efficient and a convenient way to monitor and track the crypto-coin prices along with bitcoin and ethereum. Comparing traditional investment markets with cryptocurrency markets will show you clearly that a cryptocurrency market is smaller. It means a small volume of trade can leave a huge impact. Forums and social media groups are abuzz about cryptocurrencies. Crypto traders base their buying decisions on social media trends and news. Cryptocurrency traders require robust apps and they serve as portfolio traders.

A crypto portfolio app development is a customized development project. There are several ways in which you can speed up the project. This app needs frequent enhancements. Every release has a limited duration. App development needs automated testing, code deployment, and building management. Active and live monitoring of your crypto portfolio can help you in the decision-making process for the future and also open more possibilities to take benefits of the price fluctuations in the market. There are several portfolio apps available on the market and when you find the one that suits your needs in a better way then you should opt for that app.

Key features

When you build crypto portfolio tracker apps, you should focus on the following features. The key ones include the following:

  • Security- Users have to ensure that their portfolio information remain safe from prying eyes.
  • Sharing options- Crypto community works in mutual trust among the small groups. These groups share plenty of information among themselves. It helps the community members to stay on top of all the newest developments. The ability to share details with other community members is vital in crypto portfolio apps, and the apps should help to sharing securely.
  • A crypto trader can hold multiple cryptocurrencies such as Ether, bitcoin, and altcoins. The app should provide an overview of the entire portfolio of the traders’ crypto holding.
  • New cryptocurrencies are constantly launched in the market. The app must show new additions made in the market. This helps the crypto traders to know the new additions.
  • There are more than 200 crypto exchanges all over the world. The app must track data from them.
  • Price, changes, and trends are the main information for a crypto trader. The app must provide this information.
  • A user-friendly UI or User Interface and availability of several platforms such as iOS and Andriod are some other important features.

Get the best app

Any person investing in cryptocurrencies shall have to keep track of the values of crypto coins together with the portfolio valuation. In a fast changing environment, it can become a hurdle when you have to conduct an analysis and make a decision to either buy or sell. You can take advantage of excel software but for that, you need to enter the number manually that can be tiresome and open to error. To make your life easier, you should take advantage of a cryptocurrency portfolio app. However, with the availability of many apps, at times, you may find it difficult to find the right one.

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