What is a website builder?

A website builder acts as a middle ground between the site design from scratch and hiring a professional to create it for you. These services may cost a bit on your pocket and always use web based software to build a company website to make it look clean and professional. While the best of the websitebuilder leave some room for the code, but you don’t need any kind of professional coding skills to build a stunning website.

What can you make with a website builder?

If you notice even a small business website, you might observe that it uses some kind of template, even if it is professionally built. It follows a set structure programmed by other party. You can create a website for any purpose:

  1. An online retail store where all the internal tools are being taken care of for ecommerce.
  2. A creative portfolio to showcase copywriting, graphic design or a video
  3. A blog with tools for SEO, RSS feeds and email subscriptions
  4. A simple landing page stating the info of your company.

All in one features

The website builders provide users with front end pieces to create beautiful, functional sites. But the behind the scenes should also be taken into consideration to make these services something of a great value. When it comes to breaking down the technical cornerstones of the website, the value adds up:

  1. Domain name
  2. Name servers
  3. Hosting service
  4. WordPress account
  5. Email server
  6. SSL and other security
  7. Merchant account

Is using a website builder right for your business?

If your business falls into one of the four categories listed above, then you should most preferably, without a doubt, get your company website created by the means of website builder. Even though your company is a little more unusual, your site will still function such as one of the four listed above. But if the needs of your business website are being met by running a web based software platform directly on your site, then you might not need a website builder. It is a genius tool for start-ups and even dives deep into the advanced settings, but is still deemed as a platform for DIY people who would love to take on their company website by their own means.