Here is Why Some Apple Products are More Popular than the Competition’s


It is a fact that not every Apple product is a winner. Some were downright terrible. But in the annals of hits and misses, Apple has hit more out of the park than any other company that has bothered to take a swing.

It is also true that even Apple’s misses have inspired entire industries. No one would call the Newton a success. But it was the vanguard for hand-writing recognition, tablets, and arguably, the modern smartphone.

Apple didn’t invent the first mouse. But they productized the idea despite the fact that the Apple puck mouse was an abomination. The iPhone X notch is almost universally mentioned as one of the few negatives of the iPhone X. But that doesn’t stop copycats from battling for notch supremacy.

If Apple’s missteps become iconic fodder for industry-creating innovations, imagine the rest. There is a reason that Apple leads the industry in so many categories. And it has nothing to do with the fact that they are the biggest company in the world.

Apple was leading even when near bankruptcy. As many have noted, Apple was the market leader even when they were only 5% of the ship. It is just that the 5% they controlled just happened to be the rudder. Here is why their Apple stores around the world still draw huge crowds of devoted fans:

Seeing is Believing

No product sells itself. But how a product looks and feels is a part of the overall marketing strategy. Look and feel is an integral part of the planning stage for every future Apple product. Apple knows that if you see it, hold it, and use it in a store, you are going to want to bring it home.

While there are official Apple Stores all over the world, it still may be inconvenient for you to get to one of them and see the products for yourself. Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party authorized retailers who can give you that Apple iStore experience in your local area.

Industrial design has not always been a priority for other tech companies. And a good retail experience has been even less so. It is still common to find non-Apple computing products on a shelf unplugged, or with no connection to the internet, and with no usable software on them for in-store testing.

Apple has won retail. So their products are displayed in the best light, fully functional to be seen and handled. That is a huge and largely unspoken reason why Apple products have become so popular.

Security for the Rest of Us

You don’t have to be a cyber-geek to care about your digital security. Apple is one of the first companies that took security seriously for ordinary people. They made it easy to protect what matters to you with world-beating encryption.

The security model allows you to do things like find a lost iPhone. You can even turn off the feature if you like. But it is on by default to give you that extra measure of protection. You can lock your phone to keep casual snoops from getting into it. This can be protected by either a fingerprint or your unique facial features.

For everyone else, security is a feature or worse, a gimmick. But it is a part of Apple’s DNA. Apple products are so popular because normal people can use them with more peace of mind.

iOS is the Everything Platform

Unlike with Android, you never have to wait for the most anticipated apps and experiences to come to your platform of choice. Almost everything you want is made for iOS either first or exclusively.

If flying cars ever become a commercial reality, you can be pretty certain that iOS users will be able to access them first. Right now, you can have the best of what all other platforms offer. Companies like Google, Spotify, Microsoft, and Amazon do their best work on iOS. And the best Chromebook money can buy might well be the MacBook Air.

There are more factors that go into Apple’s popular success than can be mentioned here. Among the biggest factors are that seeing is believing. They offer security for the rest of us. And iOS is the everything platform.

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