Four Indicators of a Failing Hard Drive


The hard drive is where you store your computer data.  But while many of your computer’s components don’t fail with time, your hard drive is destined to die over time. This makes it important to know how to recognize the signs that your hard drive is falling. Having a data backup system and being able to detect a dying hard drive can help you avoid the cost and rescue your stored data before you totally lose it. Here are signs of a hard drive failure:

You Hear Strange Thrashing or Clicking Noises

This kind of noise can indicate the failure of the motor or noisy bearings that grind your drive away. Whenever you hear this sound, act right away since your hard drive may be dying soon. The best way to safeguard data is through several backups. If you own a business, you cannot afford to allow a failing hard drive to stop the productivity of your company for days.

You Cannot Save a Document or Find a File

When your hard drive is about to fail, saving a document or finding a file can become a common problem. Of course, you may lose data because a virus or somebody has deleted it. However, disappearing data can mean something is happening with your hard drive.

Your Computer Keeps on Crashing

If your computer reboots suddenly or crashes often, then your hard drive might be in trouble. This is especially true if the crashes take place when your computer access files.

Files are Corrupted

When you cannot open your files or the computer says they are corrupted after you saved them, this can indicate a hard drive failure. It is important to try to back up your data right away. The cause of this type of failure is not always an immediate calamity and the benefit of this situation is having time to brace for the effect and having a backup of the remaining data.

On average, a stationary hard drive can have a lifetime of between 5-10 years. However, your drive’s longevity depends on the maker and other factors such as moving the computer while in use. Also, the lifetime can be based on changes in temperature and humidity. If you have an old hard drive, it may no longer be dependable data storage.  Talk to a reputable technician from Top Range Technologies about the right options to go for data backup and hard drive maintenance.

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