Five Ways to Increase Web Traffic Using SEO


Unless your company’s website is optimised and promoted, no one will know that it exists because there are millions of websites online and probably thousands within your business industry. Driving traffic to the site is essential to finding potential customers and building your brand online. Here are five ways that search engine optimisation (SEO) can be used to drive traffic to a business website.

Write Great Meta Descriptions

A meta description is the information that pops up on search engine results and tells searchers what the content on websites is about. It is no more than 160 characters long and should contain at least two keywords to help searchers find the site. The information it contains will help searchers determine why they should click onto your website instead of your competition’s site.

Optimise Page Content

The content on a business website is what will draw the attention of searchers looking for information on the types of products or services that your business produces or sells. The content should be varied and be optimised for SEO by adding keywords to articles, to blog posts, and in image and video captions. Content needs to be created and posted regularly and a company offering professional SEO services can help your business manage your website’s content.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The content that you or someone on your staff creates for the site, such as blog posts, should include both short and long-tail keywords. Not only will they help searchers find the website but the content can rank in a wider variety of keyword searches. The SEO company with which you’re working can develop keywords for you to use or they can be created by using keyword tools easily found on the Internet.

Include Internal Links

If you reference something in a blog post that you had previously mentioned in another post, link to it. Adding internal links within your website will help web visitors quickly find the information and it will reduce the bounce rate, which represents how long visitors are staying on the site. Reducing the bounce rate may lead visitors to explore more of the site and convert visitors into paying customers or at least entice them to come back for more information if they like what they’re reading.

Add Page Titles

Every webpage on your site should have a title because it is one of the most important on-page ranking factors for websites. When searchers look for information on products or services offered by your company, the page title where the information can be found will appear on search engine results pages. It is important to include keywords in the page title but the titles shouldn’t be any longer than 60 characters.

Unless you have someone on staff with the skills to add meta tags, descriptions, or page title information to the site’s coding, you should hire a SEO company to help manage your site. They will do keyword research and optimise the content and website to attract web traffic to find potential customers and make the site easy to find on the World Wide Web.

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