Five Reasons to Consider Automating your Reports


Creating reports normally include manually extracting data as well as cutting and pasting them. This can take many hours to complete. In order to come up with the final report, you need to consolidate data from various sources and crunching numbers. Nobody likes to do these tedious tasks. Fortunately, automating reports generation can save you from the misery. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider automating your reports.

Make Reports Instantly Available for Clients

Your clients may be nudging you repeatedly to provide them updated reports of their campaigns. Automation allows you to get those much-needed reports ready in an instant. This allows you to easily get through the next reporting period, offering updates to clients faster without seeking the help of more analysts or using more resources.

Deliver Reports on Time

You always hope to have the time to be flexible and come up with creative work. With automated reporting from Ninja Reports, you can have the time you can spend on innovative projects. With automated reporting, you can provide the same amounts of reports at the fraction of the time you spend doing it manually. A reduction in the time needed to complete the reporting tasks allows you to become more efficient and productive.

Create Impressive Reports

You always want to impress your clients by coming up with useful reports. However, regardless of your skills, it still takes time and effort to collect all important data and run reports when you do the task manually. This usually reduces the scope of the report and the level of details you can provide your client with. If you want to impress your clients by offering them sophisticated reports whenever they want them, automating your reports is the way to go.

Avoid Common Errors

Missing values, broken formulas and macros, as well as missing references, are common scenarios when you do your reports manually. Delivering reports quickly is necessary; however, so is ensuring the accuracy of data. Automating reports eliminates the manual errors which unavoidably take place. With decreased errors, you can provide a greater level of compliance.

Allow Frequent Data Analysis

The analysis that you made are important for your clients to make business decisions. Being able to provide reports monthly or quarterly delays their decisions this long too. By the time you find something wrong, it has been happening for weeks. In fact, these delays can leave business owners missing out opportunities to improve their sales.

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