Features and things worth expecting from an office printer!


Shopping for new office printers can be tricky. With varied brands and even more number of models, you need to be careful about the features, functionalities and prices. Here are the things and features worth expecting from a good office printer.

  1. Effective pricing. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a regular office inkjet printer, no matter the brand. The foremost thing you would expect is a price tag that resonates with the features.
  2. Affordable cartridge/toner price. With printers, you have to consider the operational costs, which is mainly about the price of the toner/cartridge. Make sure that the cost of running printer isn’t too high. Typically, you can check with the brand to find per page printing cost for popular models.
  3. Wireless connectivity. One office printer is usually used by dozens of employees at the same time, and therefore, wireless connectivity is worth consideration. Such printers can accept printing materials and instructions via a wireless network.
  4. Duplex printing. If you print large volumes of documents each day, you would want to minimize the use of paper, for which duplex printing is important. Such printers can automatically print on both sides of the paper.
  5. Paper handling. Printers usually handle papers of standard letter sizes or A-4 size. If you need to process large papers or legal paper, you may need a different printer that has better paper-handling range.
  6. Multiple functions. Gone are days when printers were just used for printing. Today, you can find four-in-one printers, which can print, copy, scan and fax at the same time. For smaller offices, this can be quite useful.
  7. A USB flash drive port. Most of the time, people use USB flash drives at work, and it is wise to invest in a printer that comes with the port for the same. You can initiate printing without having a PC or laptop around. Check 123ink.ca for finding models with this feature.
  8. Ease of installation. A good printer should be easy to install and use. You need to check the installation process in detail, and some brands offer support for the bigger models. Also, make sure that the functions are not complicated enough for your employees.

Finally, printers from known brands are also expected to have standard warranty, which is two years in most cases. However, some companies do offer extended warranty for an extra price, and that’s worth considering.

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