Experts You Shouldn’t Skimp On When Starting a Business Online


You can start a new business online with just £10 and a lot of time, however, if you’re considering making a bigger splash, you need to begin with a bigger investment. To ensure every penny is well spent, it’s best to find the highest quality agencies and individuals to spend your money on. It’s very easy to lose a lot of money to con artists looking for a quick buck in the digital marketing industry who will spend your money like water.

An Accountant

A good accountant will save you a lot of money. Try not to skimp, choose an accountant you can talk to or even meet face to face. Good accountants will not only afford you great tax relief, they’ll also see if you are owed a tax rebate. You could be entitled to quite the tax rebate when you start as self employed in business.

An SEO Expert

Whether you’re investing in a PPC campaign or looking for organic SEO services, you should always choose an SEO agency with a good reputation. There are a lot of SEO services online that can actually damage your rankings with spam while some lower quality PPC services can use your money to experiment with ads losing you a lot of money in the process. Choose wisely, look at testimonials, ask to see results from other clients and research SEO yourself to understand exactly what you’ll be paying for.

A Good Copywriter

In order for your site to be recognised as a high performing site by Google your copy needs to be spot on. Not only should it please Google it should also please your visitors, enticing them into your site to lower bounce rates and to increase conversions. Once your website copywriting is complete, you can relax knowing that all traffic you send to your website has the best chance of converting.

A Web Designer

People don’t read web copy in the same way they read a magazine and a good web designer understands this. They’ll ensure the right content is in the right place in order to entice the most clicks. They’ll also understand the right colour palette for your business as different colours entice different reactions.


Good website hosting can ensure your site is fast, as a slow loading website can lose you a lot of visitors that will never come back. Choose high quality hosting that has the capacity to host an ever growing website, leaving you lots of spare room for your imminent expansion.

When starting an online business there are a lot of tasks you can complete yourself but for some, it’s best to employ experts. This will not only save you money it will actually make you cash ensuring your business gets off to the right start.

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