Effective Ways to Boost Traffic by using Social Sharing Buttons


Social media has made socialization possible and affordable for every individual. It has also become an asset for businesses to leverage new opportunities and marketing channels.

Social sharing buttons can be called as a tool which converts website visitors into brand ambassadors. It helps in easing process of content distribution with everyone on social media.

It is also very effective in increasing social traffic on your website, for free.

Social share buttons are everywhere now. From businesses websites to personal websites, everyone is leveraging share buttons.

In this post, we will discuss some effective ways of using social sharing buttons which can help in boosting traffic.

Adding share buttons to content: Adding social share buttons to website’s element is very productive. Include sharing buttons on different type of media like images, audio files, pdfs, videos etc. provide users with the convenience of sharing them.

You can also use select to share to enable sharing of a small piece of content from the website.

Users sometimes like to share a piece rather than whole content.

Adding Sharing buttons in Emails: Emails marketing is among one of the top marketing channels which drive more ROI.

ROI depends upon how efficiently email is crafted. Every email sent is an opportunity to make the best impression out of it.

Social sharing buttons in emails can act as encouragement factor and help subscribers in sharing content on social media. One can also track share statistics per content and use this data for the further purpose.

Adding Share buttons to landing pages: Landing pages are one of the efficient ways of driving the right traffic to the right channel and convert them in form of subscribers, sale or submission.

Landing pages are just like normal pages but are specially designed to fulfill goals.

The thing with landing pages is that they are highly optimized for a relevant audience. So if someone is not interested in converting, they might share it with others as a recommendation , who share similar interest and will likely to opt.

These are some of the effective ways to boost traffic using social sharing buttons. If you have any questions, shoot them below.

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