E-commerce in Australia and Importance If Web Development


The trend of e-commerce is on the rise in Australian markets. With the better internet and postal services and with the secure online payment methods, the Australians prefer to buy online. Australian e-commerce market is rated at second place regarding online population in the region of Asia Pacific. With its proximity to China and Japan Australian e-commerce market is expected to grow at a phenomenal rate in coming years. Other than home based online retailing, Australian e-commerce markets are mostly based on cross-border online purchasing. Credit and debit cards are used as preferred digital payment methods in all e-commerce.

In addition to the rise in the number of new online stores in Australia, the already well established retail stores are also shifting towards the online retailing in order to stay successful in current technological age. The JB Hi-Fi is a classic example of the retail store deals mainly in electronics which is quite successful through online retailing as well. Dan Murphy’s is another example of a retailer getting more successful through online retailing. Dan murphy’s is now enjoying more than 50% share in online liquor retailing in Australia.

In current technological age, most of the population in Australia is online for various activities like social interaction, online shopping, and online job searching, etc. they best way to attract your customers in these online users is the way of web development. Anyone who is planning to take the business online the development of the website is an important factor. The website is just a collection of web pages which provides a platform for any business to have a presence in the online industry.

Through successful Website development, any business can make its customers to be aware of its product and services and can help them understand why their products are different and will help them satisfy their need better than their competitors. In short with better web development capabilities a business can have a better digital marketing edge over its competitors. How web development can improve a business is a long debate, but in short, it can improve connectivity, increase credibility and provide a better platform to interact with the existing and future customers.

Web development has a vital role to play in digital marketing these days. Digital marketing is a promotion of product or services through a different form of electronic media these and differs from other marketing in a sense that it enables marketers to devise successful marketing campaigns by real-time data. That is why website development is crucial in digital marketing. With this much significance, business is hiring web development and SEO (search engine optimization) agencies to make their presence noticed in the online arena.

SEO is strategies used by web development companies to make your website rank high in the search engines when anyone searches about anything somewhat similar to the product and services you are providing. Nowadays customers in e-commerce start buying from any business, even before that business start communicate with the customer directly, and this all happen due to the better websites and better digital marketing tools used by web development and SEO agencies.


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