Do esports fans watch streaming online only?


According to a study of GlobalWebIndex (GWI) ‘Sports around the world’ in 2019, 90 per cent of sports fans admit that they use another gadget as they watch TV on a global scale. But even three years later it’s hard to imagine modern life without smartphones.

Sports fans today are no exception. According to YouGov, an international research data and analytics group, one in five sports fans worldwide uses mobile devices to watch sports matches.

As regards geographical trends in the choice of mobile devices, a large number (48%) of sports fans in Vietnam prefer to enjoy watching on a small screen. Also, Indian viewers are in complete agreement with the sports audience in Vietnam: 44% of people watch sports content with mobile apps.                    

New trends among sports fans 

This trend shows that the reality of sports is changing: it’s more comfortable to use mobile devices to watch sports tournaments online despite lack of time and other reasons. So it demands new approaches to online sports streaming, but not all platforms are ready to closely follow foreign affairs. Besides quality video with no latency, sports fans wait for regular and engaging content  with the comments of experts, packed schedule, pre-match and in-play odds. Very few companies may satisfy all users’ needs, but there are exceptions.

BETER offers more than 18,000 events per year

BETER is the leading provider of sports and esports content, live streaming, data and odds for sportsbooks. Since 2018, the platform has been powering 6 different sports and esports disciplines of the Setka Cup and ESportsBattle and making their content ‘beterable. It means that the brand provides live streaming, live data and odds for these tournaments.

In the current context, BETER offers 14 sports arenas and more than 18,000 sports events per year. Sports fans get interesting sports content that is available for YouTube and Twitch users.

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