Airports are increasingly finding ways to use signage kiosks in various operations. In fact, over the last decade, this move has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in wait times and lost passengers due to increased ease in airport navigation. This move was started after a trial run with self-service check-in kiosks, which were a raving success, especially with local flights.

Digital signage kiosks help the thousands of people that go through the airport in different ways. Here are some of the uses we are talking about:


This usually works in busy airports, where passengers are likely to get lost as they look for their gates and drag their baggage to catch their flights. They’re already in a panic and probably late, which doesn’t help. A digital signage kiosk featuring an interactive airport map can go a long way in helping people find their way across the airport. This greatly reduces their confusion and lets people plan their routes accordingly.

Lost and Found

The frustration of losing something at the airport could drive you to pulling your hair out. As such, installing an lcd kiosk with interactive software is the best solution for lost and found services. There are several options for this type of kiosk, but the easiest one is where the passenger can type the missing item into the interface and the software will let you know whether it has been found or not. It also tells you what steps you should take to retrieve it. You can even link it to a hotline where the passenger can call and enquire about their luggage.

Ads and promotions

Nowadays, people pay more attention to things when they are presented on a screen. As a result, it is an advertiser’s dream to put up an ad on an airport lcd kiosk and effectively engage people at the airport; because let’s face it, what other entertainment options do you have as you wait for your connecting flight? Lcd ad kiosks are a great way to let people know about local businesses and at the same time communicate any other promotions that are beneficial to the airport.

Food and entertainment

These digital signage kiosks are great for passengers who have no idea where to get food, especially in a new place, during a connecting flight. When placed in the right spot, they can be a great way to let people know about local hotels, places to get accommodation and at the same time advertise concerts, shows and entertainment options for new visitors to a city.

Warnings and cautions

As security is the top most concern at an airport, one way to improve this would be to send safety alerts en-mass. This could be useful and very effective in urgent situations.  There is a content manager who sets what message goes on screen, and airport personnel have direct access to this person in case of emergencies.

As it stands, uses in an airport are only a fraction of what you can do with digital signage. However, it’s one place where going digital saves time, and saves lives.

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