Conversion In No Time With Movavi


There is no doubt, that MOV is a very popular format among users. However, it was initially invented for Mac OS and you may face some problems concerning its compatibility with other platforms. To avoid this inconvenience you can convert such video files to another media format type. For instance, MP4. It is one of the most convenient video formats because it is widely supported by devices and programs. It also allows storing several subtitle tracks and other data – that is why it is commonly used as an export format. Movavi Video Converter can help you change the format of your video from MOV to MP4.

Take advantage of the program’s incredibly high speed of converting process with minimal quality loss and enjoy basic editing options before conversion.

First, upload your videos to the converter. If you often work with a big number of files, you can use the Watch Folder feature – all the files in the selected folder (even newly appeared) will be converted automatically with the parameters of your choice.

Perfect your video before converting with the help of the built-in editor. Using efficient tools you can easily rotate and crop the video. Remove all unwanted sections – smart cutting tool lets you delete several parts of a clip with frame-by-frame precision.

You can also enhance the quality of your files before getting to the conversion process – reduce the level of digital noise and jitter, for example. Fine-tune colours by hand or using settings for automatic corrections. Improve the sound of your videos – remove background noise and normalise volume if it is too low (the program automatically identifies such files).

Embed subtitles and sync them with the video. Choose their position as well – put them in the center, at the top, at the bottom, move vertically or horizontally. Insert various captions or watermarks – text or image – and adjust the opacity.

The converting process doesn’t take much time – thanks to the support for the latest Intel and NVIDIA technologies and optimization for multi-core processors. Plus, the SuperSpeed mode enables you to convert your files – even the large ones – literally in seconds and without losing the original file quality. However, this mode is only available if the video properties like bitrate and codec are not changed.

Obviously, the converter can be used not only for MOV to MP4 conversion. It supports all popular formats and you can import and export files in MKV, AVI, MPEG, MP3, WAV and lots of other formats. You can even save your video as a GIF file to turn it into an animated picture.

With Movavi Video Converter, you can prepare your files for any portable device – whether it is an Apple or Android gadget. Select your smartphone or tablet from the list, or connect it to the computer before the conversion and the program will suggest exporting settings.

It is possible to say that Movavi Video Converter is able to deal with any problem related to multimedia conversion: your high-quality files will be ready in seconds and in any convenient format.

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