Confused About Choosing Website Images? Here Are Some Pointers!


Creating a website isn’t just about the design. A bunch of elements actually make it better and appealing – content, images, banners, placement of ads and all other aspects. One of the critical aspects is related to the selection of images. You have to ensure that the images on your website add to the experience of the user, and that is easier said than done. In this post, we bring the things that matter in selecting images.

Be relevant

Every website is a brand in itself. It can sell a product, service or can be a platform for information, cause, fun or support. In any case, the images selected should be relevant and relatable to the target audience. Ask some of these questions before you select an image for any page or post-

  • What is post for? Who is the target audience?
  • How long is the content?
  • Do I need specific images for this page or post? If yes, what are my references?

The size of the content largely determines the number of images you would be using, so keep a check on that. Too many images in a small content can take away the actual meaning and make it look clumsy. Coming to the audience, you can define the same by age, interests or both. The idea is to keep things simple, so that the images add and make the content more readable.

Free vs. paid photos

This is a matter of choice. For smaller brands, paying for expensive photos isn’t the best choice. If that’s the case with you, go for websites like royalty free photos, which have plenty of sections and categories to choose from, and you don’t need to bother about usage restrictions. Also, it is a good idea to use real photos of people, especially if this is a business website and you want to show your team.

Finally, let’s talk about editing. You have edit photos – even the best ones. At times, cropping the photos also helps in adding clarity to the overall content. You may also want to focus on correcting smaller issues, like red eyes. There are endless photo editing software options out there, and most of them do a pretty good job of making stock images look better. It might also make sense to change and alter website photos once in a while, just to make it fresh for regular visitors.

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