Claiming a Work Injury Due to Harassment


When you feel you underwent severe emotional distress or psychological damage due to an incident at work, you may be capable of filing a claim. Emotional distress may be just one of the many injuries that is difficult to prove. Unlike a broken leg or arm, no X-rays can be done for a person harmed mentally.

Instead, the scars caused by psychological damage stay hidden in the mind with great suffering on par with physical injuries and more. After just a few days of harassment, most victims quickly wrote they could not handle the emotional stress placed on them due to the nature of their experience. For this reason, solicitors work hard to ensure their clients are awarded the settlement they deserve while working every piece of evidence in the favour of their client. In these type of proceedings, the burden of proof can help win or lose a case, and the right solicitors make even the smallest piece of evidence relevant.


The more intense the mental anguish, the better the chance you have of proving that your emotional distress was severe enough to deserve compensation. In many cases, however, particularly regarding cases of neglect, courts require some sort of physical injury as well. If no physical injury can be presented, other sources of evidence may still persuade the court to rule in your favour. At the end of the day, you need to know that you can rely on the court to hear you out fully and the right legal professionals can make that happen. With their help, they can help you work through your harassment suit, even if you need to make claims if you are self employed.


Persistent and recurring instances of harassment can lead to severe psychological damage such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. If you were continuously harassed at work or anywhere else and developed lasting and severe psychological conditions due to this, a doctor’s diagnosis may prove all the proof you need for compensation. After all, having a professional trained to spot such instances can add credibility to your claim and put you on the path toward a successful trial.

Bodily Harm

If you were injured in addition to psychologically damaged due to harassment, you can certainly file a claim. While it may be difficult to point out the existing evidence of emotional distress, you may more easily provide evidence of related bodily injury. Stress can cause physical changes in the body such as headaches, ulcers, and more. Whatever you face after a severe and lengthy problem, you deserve the compensation that you need to recover. Money may not be able to reverse serious psychological issues but it can help you to handle the stress of being out of work and other financial problems while you recover.

Underlying Cause

With harassment as the clear direct cause, other underlying causes of your anguish may help you win your case. For example, surviving a bomb placed inside your work may be more likely to support a claim than being the victim of a simple car accident that resulted in no injuries of any kind. When harassed, you may work hard to avoid an unpleasant situation becoming worse but you are not always in control. After lasting damage, you need a legal professional on your side to increase your chances of winning.

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