Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Contact Center


Within the next two years over a half of the spending on software and enterprise infrastructure will be cloud-centric. This is a finding of the International Data Corporation which is one of the top global market intelligence firms. This means that almost every other IT company is planning to move to the cloud.

Contact centers around the world are making a concerted effort to move to the cloud in order to make their business leaner, as well as to be better prepared for the changes that may take place in the future. Now, if your call center is one of those that is planning to make the move but is not 100% sure about it, hopefully this article can provide some insight and help make the right decision.

The Budget

Moving to a cloud contact center may seem daunting to many businesses, since almost all cloud-based contact centers seems to charge a little extra. But if you look at the advantages of a cloud contact center, you can easily accept the budgetary aspect.

From the perspective of a contact center, moving to a cloud-based technology is not quite simple. Quite a bit of money is required upfront.

In the long run, however, hybrid migration or cloud migration allows a contact center to reduce its day-to -day operational costs by improving productivity across the organization.


Data security has become the top priority for business organizations of all shapes and sizes. There are some genuine concerns about the safety and security of information when it is stored in the cloud. At the same time, storing the data on premises sometimes is not any safer. On-premise contact centers may be more prone to security breaches.

Companies like Miratech are now harnessing the power of Genesys solutions and Genesys services to make the Cloud-based contact centers as secure as possible. They are investing in research and development to continue to improve the platform.

Faster Deployment

In contrary to what most people believe, it hardly takes more than a week to deploy cloud-based contact centers. The same, however, cannot be said for on-premise contact centers.

Based on the complexity of the project, cloud-based contact centers may come up with a wide range of implementation packages, thus offering more flexibility and more agility. So, business organizations can easily start their operations promptly.


One of the best things about cloud-based contact centers is that they can be scaled up quickly and easily. As your business grows, the contact center will need to grow as well.

Increasing or decreasing the number of agents can be done on the same day, and therefore Miratech’s Genesys cloud contact centers are ideal for business organizations that usually deal with seasonal highs and lows.

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