An Overview Of Visitor Access Management


Most of the reputed organizations nowadays are looking to enhance the security requirements. It is quite challenging and the need is growing increasingly. This is where automated visitor management system comes into play. It can manage and track visitors, which is the utmost essential for every organization. Visitors include colleagues, maintenance staff, customers, suppliers, etc. The primary objective is to stop visitors at the reception area or the entry point of specific locations like rooms, offices, labs, buildings. The security system keeps a track of all the visitors, equipment or materials which have been carried into or out of the facility. Moreover, the tracking system also reduces hassles of managing the visitors and saves time during a visit.

Visitor Access Management is specifically designed to handle such concerns in a systematic and professional manner without compromising the hospitality, security and productivity of a company. The process is a part of mobile access control and Time-Attendance suite that is capable of running independently. It offers an option where users can create an e-pass or paper pass for the visitors. Therefore, security personnel can create a customized visitor pass with the particular name of the visitor, his/her photograph, contact details, escort name and the organization from which he/she belongs. Visitor management system even maintains a complete a complete record of the belonging or carried products along with the ID proof for future security tracks. The visitors need to enroll their fingerprint or RFID card to access specific areas into a facility.

Features to consider when choosing visitor access management

It is important to identify the right visitor access management solution for your business. There are certain features which need to be considered in order to enhance the functionality and fulfilling the purpose. Therefore, the feature of pre-book visitors is most important. This feature is suited for companies that host conferences and events. The business owner can allow the visitors to register before even arriving at the site thus, reducing check-in times. Sign digital forms are also an important part of visitor access management. Legal forms and other types of signing requirements is important before letting visitors grant site access. This feature is important for businesses that want to enhance data security and minimize manual labor required in the check-in process.

Customized visitor badges

The most important part of the visitor access management solution is to identify each visitor present on the site. Therefore, it is crucial to provide customized printed badge to all the visitors. Whether, a visitor completes the normal check-in process or pre-registers, customized visitor badges are important to keep a track as well as enhancing the security system. Moreover, these ID badges can be scanned through a mobile access control to authorize a specific visitor to enter a secured zone. The system of visitor access management comes with a process of notification through which hosts are notified about the arrivals of the visitors or a particular person. Visitor access management improves the overall security of an organization while reducing the hassles of controlling visitors.

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