A Complete Guide for Installing a New Antenna in Your House


An antenna, also commonly referred to as an aerial, is a simple electrical contraption that is used for converting electrical power into radio signals. If you don’t have cable television at home, an antenna is generally needed for capturing signals from the environment and then relaying the signals to your television. Previously, antennas were made of steel or aluminium and were generally quite large in size. They were attached to a pole and then hung on top of the roof for capturing signals and improving the quality of picture reception. However, modern antennas are quite different. They are compact, come with a range of different features, and must be installed by a professional. If you want to get a new antenna installed in your house, here are a few tips to help you out with that process.

  1. Purchase the Antenna

Buying a new antenna can be a difficult task, especially considering the sheer variety of antennas that are available today. Some are smaller and cheaper, while others are a bit larger in size, and also more expensive. So how do you figure out which antenna is the best suited for your needs? The best option is to read the pros and cons of different antenna models online, check out reviews, and compare the prices. This will help you put things into perspective and make it easy for you to determine which type of antenna is the best choice for you. You can also ask other people in your neighbourhood for recommendations about which antenna they are using.

  1. Hire a Professional

If you want to get an antenna installation done right, it’s best if you hire a professional for the job. These guys know which antenna is the most suitable for your needs, and will be able to guide you about which type of antenna is the most suitable for your place. They also have a stock of different types of antennas, so you can just ask them to bring one and install it for you. Installing a new antenna is not a straightforward process. The company will need to check the signal reception around your place to decide whether you need a high-powered antenna or not.

  1. Installation Process

The technicians will first get on the roof and check for the best spot to install the antenna. Usually, the antenna should be installed as high up as possible, but it also needs to be protected. Rainwater and especially birds can cause serious harm to the antenna. Many birds use the antenna as a makeshift perch, and can seriously damage it in the process. Therefore, the antenna must be installed in a location that’s easily accessible, yet protected from external elements. The technician will install the antenna and make sure that it’s fastened firmly. The technician will then tweak the settings on the antenna to ensure that you get the best quality picture reception and fix it firmly in position.

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