5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Social Media for Effective Real Estate Marketing


Be it marketing or the sale of fashion products or real estate assets, social media platforms offer a range of unique opportunities that conventional media cannot offer. Making good use of these online platforms is, however, tricky and not everyone can master it. It requires patience, time and an understanding of what makes people tick.

This article shares some tips which can help you successfully market real estate projects.

  1. Network with your peers and keep expanding it

Using social media as way to merely pass time is quite different from reaping business benefits from it. Your business’s social media handles cannot be used for interactions that are otherwise interesting but useless in terms of achieving business goals. Instead, you should follow and like groups, marketers and real estate developers relevant to your real estate business.

By appearing on their timeline with interactive and intriguing posts, you can hook followers and increase your potential for effective real estate marketing. This also includes social media pages of known real estate portals. These portals, such as Prop.pk – a popular online franchise for real estate trade in Pakistan – have a wider fan following and thus offer you greater chances to increase your followers and social media influence.

Furthermore, invest your time on social media and see what others are doing, ponder over their strategies, try to identify the missing ingredients in their marketing approach, and incorporate these in your social media posts and interactions.

  1. Do not take social media trends lightly

Following your peers and people known best for real estate marketing will also help you learn if people are satisfied with certain shifts in policies, changes in prices, and other practices real estate developers are indulge in. This will save you time and effort in devising the right marketing strategy.

You should also keep a close eye on the activity of people in your social media circle to find out what moves them, and which social media celebrities and pages they follow. Their social media activity will lead you towards the path of becoming an online influencer.

  1. Don’t forget to entertain your followers

Despite the purpose of your social media presence, you must always remember that most of these people here are looking for entertainment. By staying pleasantly humorous and knowledgeable about current issues, you can catch their attention. This will also help you make them take and increased interest in you and your posts.

For this purpose, you must always stay away from controversy. You can do so by staying up to date on social media trends, viral posts and videos. Choose the trends which best suit your business needs.

  1. Be generous in returning the social media favors

There is no such thing as a sole survivor on social media. All the famous social media giants you see have done it step-by-step. They have stayed online to form new contacts, earn more acceptance, and eventually increase their followers.

They have listened to people compassionately, have shared suggestions to help them cope with their day-to-day chores, lifted them on their low days, and celebrated their success. They might have also held meet-ups. A report shared by BBC presents a good overall picture of the power social media influencers enjoy.

But what they do for sure is like, share and comment on their followers’ posts. This leads people to extend the same courtesy, which in turn can bring you wider recognition.

  1. Pay extra, but only when you should

Boosting social media posts can increase your visibility and help you reach out to wider and more relevant target groups, but too much of this practice can do more harm than good. In order to decide what to boost and precisely when to do it, the feedback received on these posts organically can come handy. If the interactions on such posts were healthy and your followers took an interest in them, boosting can increase the impact to a higher degree.

On the other hand, doing the same for posts and threads that failed to generate any interest can be a bad move to make. You cannot sell what doesn’t interest the public – this is no different for real estate. Marketers adopt a different strategy for selling such difficult projects. They invest their time and money in first preparing the ground to create such acceptance. Once that’s achieved, only then they decide to boost it.

So, here were some social media basics that will help you take your real estate business to the next level. Remember, if you do it right, you’ll have access to a larger audience than you could have ever imagined.

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