5 Misconceptions about Online Rummy Debunked!


Over the past few years, there has been a steady growth in the number of people switching to online rummy. Some prefer playing online because they can play as and when they feel like, others feel safe, and many others to not only win, but understand the basics of the game, improve their gameplay, and then go on to become a professional rummy player. Whatever the purpose, an online rummy game on a rainy afternoon with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and potato fritters seem heaven on earth. However, you may find some people who spread false propaganda against online rummy. In this article, we have penned down some of the most common misconceptions that can make you fall into the trap of such people and miss out on something this amazing!

An Illegally Game of Gambling

Firstly, yes there are certain card games like Teen Patti, poker, etc. that may involve gambling, but rummy is not gambling. In fact, the Supreme Court in India has declared rummy a game of skill and not a gamble. Talking about addiction, card games can keep you hooked, but that need not be necessarily true always. To help avert this, several online rummy websites have a responsible gaming policy that encourages customers to practice responsible gaming and not overindulge.

Difficult to Understand & Play

After listening to rummy jargons like deal, set, runs, stock, etc., one may claim that rummy is not his/her cup of tea and already call it quits before trying. To them we say, hold on. Playing rummy is easy, it’s no big deal. Invest a few hours in learning the game online or from an acquaintance, read books and online about rummy, and you will be all set to play rummy in just a few days.

It’s a Game of Luck

As mentioned earlier, rummy is a game of skill. You strategize, observe your opponents, try to get manipulative, understand the tricks and trade, and that’s how you win a game of rummy. Therefore, there is absolutely no luck involved in the game of cards.

Online Websites are Scams

Not every online gaming website is fake. A lot of online research and customer reviews can help you distinguish between a genuine and a fraud website. The genuine online rummy websites offer cash rewards, gift vouchers, gold/silver coins, etc. to their customers. They even have a dedicated customer care staff to guide to whenever you are in need of assistance.

You Become Unsociable

Not only rummy, but any card game for that matter will make you anything but unsociable. In fact, it does the opposite. When you play a card game online, you have an interactive chat feature. This feature enables you to chat with other players and in the process make new friends. It even brings in come liveliness and quirkiness.

Now that your misconceptions about rummy are debunked let’s start playing!

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