3 Ways To Make Your Office More Comfortable For Staff


Running a company is one of the largest accomplishments that many people will do in their professional lives. Staff that dreads going to work because of uncomfortable office setup or something as simple as having the office at too low of a temperature impacts productivity negatively. Keep staff as comfortable and happy as possible will boost productivity and can even improve employee retention. The following are a few ways to make your office more comfortable for staff.

The days of the cubicle are gone in many offices as companies have found that this hurts communication between departments and even individual employees. Getting office furniture like couches can be a great way for staff to relax while also getting their work done. Most people work on their laptops so moving around shouldn’t be too big of an issue. Plus a comfortable place to sit for company meetings is another added perk. Groupon has coupons for Overstock so the office furniture will be as affordable as possible.

The thermostat is something that people argue about in the office on a constant basis. There are going to be people who are always hot and those who are extremely cold. Providing some space heaters for those that are cold and fans for those that are hot can make a big difference. Try to stagger certain days that a cold temperature is set and those when a warmer temperature is set. This might not be able to please everyone but those who aren’t always hot or cold will appreciate the effort.

While this is not something that you can modify about your actual office but instituting a casual dress code can do wonders. The relaxed dress code will be seen as a perk by many and being able to come in with shorts and a t-shirt is severely underrated. This can also decrease the amount of time that HR has to deal with people who constantly are toeing the line on the dress code.

As you can see the above things are easy and affordable to change in the office. Comfortable staff can work wonders versus those who are uncomfortable and distracted by this discomfort. Get the most out of your staff today!

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